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Welcome to Gourmet Corn

Hello everyone! This is the new era in the revolution of sweet corn, the most unique, delicious flavor anyone has tasted on sweet corn. WHO SAID sweet corn was just made for butter?! Gourmet Corn was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs who created this unique, new, and delicous gourmet way of eating traditional sweet corn. So whether we are a caterer at your next event or a food vendor at a local community celebration, you will be happy you found Gourmet Corn and our delicious recipes!

Gourmet Corn, Caterer, Vendor - Green Bay WI The name of our business is “GOURMET CORN.” We have taken the risk and the chances to push and modify the traditional way of eating sweet corn with butter to the next level. How? We have been adventurous in adjusting an old family recipe, creating the perfect blend of ingredients to make different creams like garlic, chipotle, bacon-jalapeño, just to mention some.

This is the SECRET of this product: anyone can make sweet corn and put butter on it, but not everyone is able to find the perfect balance to combine it with other ingredients and cheeses, and still keep the quality and delicious contrast of different flavors at the same time. It is like Christmas in your mouth!

The equipment we use is very basic and easy to clean. Most of the process is done at home, like boiling most of the corn and making the creams. Then we buy the cheeses that make the contrast with the creams.

Gourmet Corn, Caterer, Vendor - Green Bay WI Our Process
First we boil the corn in groups of 80 in a big pod, then we keep it warm in commercial-grade food warmers. Then we proceed to make our delicious creams. We use individual brushes for each flavor of the creams, to maintain the unique flavor experience we offer. We serve the cob at the right moment when the customer orders it, by spreading the cream around the cob and then we spread the powder cheese...

the result is a combination of flavors that is ridiculously delicious!!

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We are state licensed to operate anywhere in Wisconsin. Thank you, and we look forward to serving you an amazing culinary experience!
Join the fun!!!
Gourmet Corn, Caterer, Vendor - Green Bay WIWe will be satisfying attendees at various fairs and festivals around Wisconsin during the summer and all the way to early October as a Food Vendor. After that, we will be catering for any social event around Northeast Wisconsin.
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Graduations
  • Private parties
  • Packer parties
  • Work meetings
  • Work celebration
Or any social event that requires delicious food!

This is a very simple delicious idea with a lot of flavor! After you will try our Gourmet Corn, we guarantee you will love it! Sweet corn has been reborn!

Welcome to the era of GOURMET CORN!!
Garlic and Parmesan cheese Sweet Corn
This is the big seller balanced and delicious for the people who LOVE garlic taste with parmesan!
Gourmet Corn, Caterer, Vendor - Green Bay WI
Chipotle and Mexican cheese Sweet Corn
For those demanding people looking for that exceptional zip of balanced pepper!
Gourmet Corn, Caterer, Vendor - Green Bay WI
Jalapeno and Bacon Sweet Corn
One of the best with the perfect combination of best flavor and toping!
Gourmet Corn, Caterer, Vendor - Green Bay WI
Chives and Onions Sweet Corn
For those who loves strong flavors simple delicious!
Please contact us with questions you may have or to have Gourmet Corn cater your next event!!
You can always call us at 920-327-1157

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